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I can also announce again great health results of my progeny:
N. Cahceolmmai: Eyes clear'20
N. Ealin Eakti Eiven: HD A, ED 0/0
N. Famolas Falastalli: HD A, ED 0/0
N. Fasti Famu: Eyes clear'20
N. Fantastihkalas Fadda: Eyes clear'20

Aaaaaaaand: Khaleesi and aswell Ruska got in heat! So if all my plans go right, we hopefully expect our Lapinporokoira G litter and Malinois A litter in december 2020 (would be one really good thing, that happens in 2020)

Two great sucesses for Nuortariikas Family:
Vince and N. Divrasat Dolla "Flam" passed their SAR dog test (rescue dog) in Switzerland! I cannot describe in words, how proud I am!!! This team is amazing!!!

N. Eppelmuorra and me were at IHA Tulln. We got Ex. 1, CACA, CACIB & BOB under judgte. Dr. Otto Schimpf! 
So Muorra got all CACAs for the AUSTRIAN CHAMPION!!!! :)

The 8th annual Kennel Meeting was just as awesome, as it always was! 12 Lapinporokoira, their owners and some interessted people visited me for 4 days. We walked a lot, did some Canicross, eat much (as always) and had some obedience training and a photoshooting! 
I Must thank each of you, who visited me. And special thanks to Ulrike, who brought 13 1/2 year old Tundra once again home! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! That's what breeding makes to something special!

You can find the first pictures in the gallery! Many thanks to Meike, who did again a great photojob!!!

Team Nuortariikas took also part at the first virtual Canicross Run with Nina Windhausen! Roberta took part with Aruna & Suri 1km. Anna & Abby, Sarah & Faramir and Khaleesi & Muorra and me took part over 5km!
I am really proud! We ran on the 5th place over 5 km
We definitley have a new hobby
At the weekend Anna & Abby, Sarah & Faramir and Khaleesi, Muorra & me did the 2nd Dogsrun of the Virtual Runners. We all had fun
Muorra and I passend the Rally Obedience class 2 with 76 points good and a second place
Not yet perfect, but she really worked focused and motivated

In cause of Corona we don't have any news about dogsports or shows! But we weren't lazy! We train Obedience, Rally Obedience and Agility for upcoming events! Aswell, we found a new hobby: Canicross! Thanks to virtual races, we did our first competion. Anny with Abby and Sarah with Faramir also did a fantastic race! So proud of them!!!
Muorra and me ran 5km. We did the 65th place out of more than 500 runners! Sooo proud of my little devil! She did a great job!
Looking forward to the next race
Aswell we had an interessting and exhausting seminar with Lisa Frick! Two days of Agility were just great!
Thanks to Anna Herzog and Gloria Meindl for the great pictures!

Unfortunally Khaleesi didn't got pregnant! We will have another try i autumn 2020

On 10th of April 2020 Silex Garde de la Vie was mated with Wild Hawks Apache
We hope for puppies around 12th of June 2020
If you are iteressed, feel free to contact me

The last results of Khaleesis examinations also arrived:
She is CJM N/N (clear) and D/d1 (carrier)

On 29th of february 2020 Jasmin and Fihtolas got a Very Good 1 at IHA Graz in Junior class! Many congratulations!!!

The puppy plans of my Malinois litter changed a little bit! More infos in Puppy plans!
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