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Unfortunally Khaleesi didn't got pregnant! We will have another try i autumn 2020

On 10th of April 2020 Silex Garde de la Vie was mated with Wild Hawks Apache
We hope for puppies around 12th of June 2020
If you are iteressed, feel free to contact me

The last results of Khaleesis examinations also arrived:
She is CJM N/N (clear) and D/d1 (carrier)

On 29th of february 2020 Jasmin and Fihtolas got a Very Good 1 at IHA Graz in Junior class! Many congratulations!!!

The puppy plans of my Malinois litter changed a little bit! More infos in Puppy plans!

And again great health results! Ruska is prcd PRA A, so all the E litter, the F litter and the upcoming G ltter are prcd PRA A!

So happy to announce that Ciel is cmr3 clear! So I updated the puppy plans for our G litter

I wish all my puppy people and Lapinporokoira & Malinois folks a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Nea - Nuortariikas Cappat Ciegusvohta died in a car accident!
Run free Nea! You will be missed!

Roberta showed beautiful Suri - Nuortariikas Favru Fakta on ENCI Winnershow in Verona/I. They were very very successfull:

Day1: Very Good1
Day2: Ex1, Best Junior, BOB
Day3: Ex1, Best Junior, BOB
07./08.12.2019 IHA Wels + IHA Kassel

Nuortariikas Show team on tour! We showed on two locations and were very successful

 IHA Wels Tag1:
JK: N. Fihtolas Filosofalas, Ex1, Best Junior, BOS
OK: N. Eppelmuorra, Ex1, CACA, CACIB, BOB
        N. Enoamazit Energiija, VG2

IHA Kassel Day1:
OK: N. Eksperimentala Eanaohcci Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

IHA Wels Day2:
JK: N. Fihtolas Filosofalas, VG1
OK: N. Eppelmuorra, Ex1, CACA, CACIB, BOB
        N. Enoamazit Energiija, Ex2, Res CACA, Res CACIB

IHA Kassel Day2:
OK: N. Eksperimentala Eanaohcci Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Zum ersten Advent machten wir einen Mädelsausflug zum schönen ÖGV Sollenau, um die letzte Prüfung des heurigen Jahres anzutreten. Ich bin echt stolz auf meine Girls

Khaleesi OB1 227,5 Punkte Sehr Gut
Muorra RO1 91 Punkte Vorzüglich
Ruska RO2 83 Punkte Sehr Gut
As I got Muorras diagnosis cmr, I asked my puppy buyers to do the gentest and so many of them did (Thanks by the way! YOU are the right people to have dogs from my Kennel! It's a big info for the whole breed!) So here are the latest health results from Nuortariikas Kennel:

Nuortariikas Cihccet Cirsa: N/N (clear)
Nuortariikas Caibma Cakca: cmr3 N/cmr (carrier)

Nuortariikas Dalvi Dolgi: cmr3 N/N (clear)

Nuortariikas Eakti Eallin Eiven: Eyes: PRA, Rest clear, cmr3 N/cmr3 (carrier), prcd PRA A
Nuortariikas Enoamazit Energiija: HD A, ED 0/0, Eyes clear'19, cmr3 N/cmr3 (carrier)
Nuortariikas Ealan Eangal: HD A, ED 0/0, Eyes clear'19, cmr3 cmr3/cmr3 (affected)
Nuortariikas Eppelmuorra: Eyes: cmr, rest clear, cmr3 cmr3/cmr3 (affected)
Nuortariikas Eksperimentala Eanaohcci: Eyes clear'19, cmr3 N/N (clear

Nuortariikas Fihtolas FIlosofalas: cmr3 N/N (clear)
Nuortariikas Famolas Falastalli: cmr3 N/cmr3 (carrier)

Cossaks Rustic Romance: cmr3 N/cmr3 (carrier)
NRAS & IRAS Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe was always special, because we had always a second inofficial Kennel Meeting at the show! And we had also great great results and a superfunny, great weekend

Sooooooo superhappy that Ruska now is INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!!!

Saturday, judge: Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel (D)

Nuortariikas Fihtolas Filosofalas, VG1
Nuortariikas Famolas Falastalli, Breakup

Nuortariikas Davvenasti, VG2
Nuortariikas Eksperimentala Eanaohcci, VG3

Nuortariikas Cahceolmmai, Ex1, CAC, BOS

Nuortariikas Eppelmuorra, Ex1, CAC
Nuortariikas Enoamazit Energiija, VG2

Cossaks Rustic Romance, Ex1, CAC, BOB

Sunday, judge: Stefan Sinko (SLO)

Nuortariikas Fihtolas Filosofalas, Ex1, Best Junior
Nuortariikas Famolas Falastalli, Ex2

Nuortariikas Davvenasti, Ex2, Res. CAC, Res. CACIB
Nuortariikas Eksperimentala Eanaohcci, Ex3

Nuortariikas Cahceolmmai, Ex1, CAC

Nuortariikas Enoamazit Energiija, Ex1, CAC, Res. CACIB
Nuortariikas Eppelmuorra, Ex2, Res. CAC

Cossaks Rustic Romance, Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOS


Muorra and me passed the IBgH1 with 84 points good and a 5th place
I am sooo superproud of my little girl. She had such a sucessful sportyear with her 2 years
05./06.10. 2019

We had a super great and very sucessful week at the county championship Salzburg/Tirol Rally Obedience and Obedience

Obedience 1 Khaleesi 1. place 199,5 Punkte Good ÖKV Nachwuchssieger

RO B: Muorra: 94 Punkte Excellent, Cupturnier: 4. Platz, Landesmeisterschaft 3. Platz und Gesamtcup: 3 Platz
RO 1: Ruska: 87 Punkte Very Good, Cupturnier: 8. Platz, Landesmeisterschaft 7. Platz und Gesamtcup: 6. Platz
RO 3: Ibsen: 100 Punkte Excellent!!, Cupturnier: 1. Platz, Landesmeisterschaft 1. Platz and new COUNTY CHAMPION RALLY OBEDIENCE Salzburg/Tirol, Gesamtcup: 2. Platz

What a fucking crazy weekend with my best dogs

CACIB Ludwigshafen - What an amazing day, with such great successes!!

Pictures in the Gallery

Males Puppy class
Nuortariikas Fihtolas Filosofalas, Very Promising 1
Nuortariikas Famolas Falastalli, Very Promising 2

Males Intermediate class
Nuortariikas Eakti Eallin Eiven, E1, CAC, Anw. Dt. CH, CACIB, BOS
Nuortariikas Ekeperimentala Eanaohcci, E2. Res. CAC

Females Puppy class
Nuortariikas Fasti Famu, Very Promising 1

Females Intermediate class
Nuortariikas Enoamazit Energiija, E1, CAC

Hündin Open class
Nuortariikas Eppelmuorra, E1, CAC, Anw. Dt. CH, CACIB, BOB

Hündin Championclass
Cossaks Rustic Romance, E1, CAC, Res. CACIB


We had a great tournament at SVÖ Saalfelden. The 2nd Rally Obedience Cup West

RO B: Muorra 94 Punkte Ex 3. place
RO 1: Ruska 88 Punkte VG, 4. place
RO 3: Ibsen 83 Punkte VG, 2. place

I still cannot imagine! Entered 4 dogs at our Rally Obedience Beach Party tournament 2019 and we rocked it! 4 dogs - 4 times excellent - 4 times first place!!!!

RO B: Muorra 95 Punkte 1. Place
RO 1: Ruska 94 Punkte 1. Place
RO S: Samur 94 Punkte 1. Place
RO 3: Ibsen 91 Punkte 1. Place

Khaleesi and I did 241,5 Punkte Very Good and 1. Place in  Obedience 1 at our Beach Party Tournamemt 2019!!!

We proudly announce: Khaleesi did her temper test (WÜP) of the VBSÖ! So we have the permission for breeding
Our first Malinois litter is planed winter 2019/2020! More infos soon
14. - 16.06.2019

We had our 7th annual Kennel Meeting! And we broke a new record: 15 Lapinporokoira in Austria! So happy and thankful that my puppypeople still come to such meetings for interessting and nice chats, trainings and walks! Thank you all and see u next year!
Pictures of our shooting in the gallery

We proudly announce: Ibsen is EUROWINNER 2019!!!! And Muorra got CACA and Res. CACIB out of Intermediate class
I am sooo proud of my progeny
Finally all puppies moved out! I am really thankful that all puppies got such great homes! And the new owners keep me updated about their development

Meanwhile we had some great succsesses in sport and show:
Muorra passed her BH and went BOB at International Show in Wieselburg in the Intermediate class

Khaleesi and I passed Obedience 1 with 208,5 points good, 5th place

At the first Rally Obedience Cup West we did the following results:
RO B Muorra 70 points, Good, 19th place
RO 1 Ruska 86 points, Very Good, 4th place
RO 3 Ibsen 89 points, Very Good, 4th place

And the best: great health news!!!
Muorra and Nuka are both HD A, ED 0/0
Khaleesi was tested SDCA 1+2 negativ

Four of six puppies already moved out! It's getting more and more quiet and we have time to prepare for the next tournaments and shows
You find many Videos in my Youtubechannel and on Facebook in our group!
Pics of the puppies in their gallery
Many many new pictures and infos of the D and E litter and for sure puppy pics of the F litter

On 24th of january 2019 Ruska gave birth to six wonderful puppies
All Infos hier
All puppies found already their forever home

RIP Lapinlempi Boulas Beaivi "Fjord"
27.04.2005 - 12.01.2019

I still cannot believe, Fjord has gone! He had such a wonderful life and he got that old, but still....
Thank you Fjord for being my teacher, my first own dog, my first Lapinporokoira. The beginnig of my Kennel and my sports career. You touched so many hearts! Now you will be together with Robin to the eternity 
Thanks.... I will love you forever

Finally.... Ibsen and I passed the Obedience 3! I am sooo proud of my boy
On 22nd of november, Ruska was mated with Dolgi! Now, we are looking forward to the ultrasonic

I got Khaleesis health results, and I must say, I am pretty happy: HD B, ED 0/0, ÜW, OCD and Cauda Equina free. Now we can really start with everything!

We were at the show in Innsbruck and came back with nice results
Day 1: 
Muorra: Ex1, Best Junior, BOB
Khaleesi: Ex1, CACA, CACIB, BOS
Day 2:
Muorra: Ex1, Best Junior, BOB
Khaleesi: VG1
You can find some pics in the gallery of the two girls


Roberta and Aruna again rocked Rally Obedience: 200/200 points, 2nd place! BRAVA! I am sooo proud of you


Many many things happened in spring! I worked a lot with my dogs, had a wonderful puppy meeting with 14 Lapinporokoira, and went on some shows! Just click through the websides of my dogs to see all news

You can watch all videos of the last competitions on my YouTube Channel "Nuortariikas"

We had a great Rally Obedience weekend
Ibsen passed 95 points Excellent RO Beginner and got First over all
Samur passed RO3 with 73 points and a 3rd place

Yesterday N. Cakcamannu Cumma got two BOBs at CACIB and Speciality in Lipica/slo
Big congrats Roberta

Ibsen passed BgH3 at our tournament with 93 points and 1st place


Today Ruska revealed her secret: We are expecting puppies around 5th of october

Puppy news

Pics of Kennelmeeting online

Finally puppy plans are online!!!! :)

My dogs are just great! Another competion and again great results
Ibsen passed BgH3 with 90/100 points Very Good
Ruska passed Rally Obedience Beginner with 98/100 points Excellent
Sophie and Samur passed RO1 with 86 points Very Good

In the afternoon Agility:
Ruska got at her very first competition a clear run, 2nd place
Ibsen aswell in A2
Soooo proud! Pics in their gallery

Again fantastc news from our sportsteam:

Samur passed Rally Obedience class 2 with 90 points Excellent, 1st place
Ibsen passed his second OB2 with 263 points excellent! Soon we join highest class 3 :D
Samur also passed RO Beginner with his juvenile handler Sophie (9 years) with 90 points 8th place!
All videos on our YouTube channel

Also we went to ÖHV Bundesmeisterschaft
Ibsen passed BgH2 with 83 points 2nd Place
Samur passed BgH3 with 82 points 8th place

Sooo proud of my boys!

Fantastic sport news:
N. Divrasat Dolla "Flam" passed the first of six parts of the REDOG SAR dog trial! Congratulation Vince!

N. Caibma Cakca "Ibsen" and me passed our first OB2 with 220 points good and a 2nd place
Pakkashelmen Rova "Samur" and me passed our first RO1 with 95 points excellent and a 1st place!
So proud of my boys


And  special news: On December 7th a new family member moved in: Malinois Garde de la Vie Silex "Khaleesi"
Soon more from her on her own page
Thanks Sarolta for your trust!


What a showweekend!!
Ibsen finished his Austrian Grand Champion
Ruska got her first two CACAs and CACIBs under finnish and danish judges
And Ibsen topped it all:
BOG 4 judge was Jörgen Hindse from Denmark! So proud of my fantastic boy


A really fantastic Obedience and Rally Obedience County Championship lies behind us:
Ibsen got Vice County Champion in Obedience 1 with 261 points and excellent
Samur reached the great 3rd place in RO Beginner with 91 points at our first try!


And also Samur made the great 3rd place at the Siegi Eberstaller tournament in A3

Also great news from Czech: N. Dalvi Dolgi got BOB both days in Prag!!!

Great news of my progeny!! Aruna finished in Lipica her International Champion!!
That's why you find here on m homepage the "Hall of fame" of all Champions and County Champions
Ibsen passed his Obedience class 1 with excellent 281/320 points! Obi2 here we come!
And new pics of Dolgi and Doki

Puppy plans are online!

Great health news of Ruska
New working pics of Samur, Ibsen and Ruska

I had a terrible start in the new year! Health reasons caused some changes in my life!
I feel much better now, so I try to keep my hompage more up to date
There are plans for show again and also 1-2 litter plans 2017 :)

The most important things work again!

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