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08.04.2012/ Tag 58

Today Bahkka and Bajan moved out.
Virginie and Bruno, I wish you both all the best with your little sweeties. A long, healthy and happy life, much fun and sucess!!

And this will be my last entry in out puppy diary. Finally the adventure B-litter finished!

06.04.2012/ Tag 56

Bliss (Beaivi) and Rokka (Bardni) moved out!
Susanna, I wish you all the best with the little one, a happy, healthy and long life!

04.04.2012/ Tag 54

Malin (Beauvvaza) moved out!

02.04.2012/ Tag 54

New pictures of each puppy

28.03.2012/ Tag 49

Neue Einzelfotos von den Welpen

27.03.2012/ Tag 48

VIDEO of a visit on our trainings place!

22.03.2012/ Tag 43

Today the puppies got their chip. And the whelping report was done. Everything was alright! All males got already their testicles!
But it was very exciting at the vet!
I sent everything to the ÖKV for the pedigrees. Looking forward to get them!

21.03.2012/ Tag 42

New pictures of each puppy

14.03.2012/ Tag 35

New VIDEO of the puppy play garden

11.03.2012/ Tag 31

New pictures of each puppy and in the gallery!
Yesterday we drove the first time with the car! And we visited our trainings place! The puppies enjoyed it!

We also have a new VIDEO

04.03.2012/ Tag 25

Again new pictures of each puppy and some impressions in the gallery.
Today they also had their second worm treatment.

01.03.2012/ Tag 22

A little playing VIDEO

27.02.2012/ Tag 19

The puppies are already nearly 3 weeks old - time passes! You can already watch the first playing times, they walk with every day more and more secure through the box and they got several different meals yet.
We already started to get use them to everyday situations!
I think they passed the test with the vacuum cleaner.

26.02.2012/ Tag 18

New puppy pictures!

24.02.2012 / Tag 16

Today the puppies had their first meal out of puppy milk and semolnia pudding.

Eating must be learned

18.02.2012 / Tag 10

Today the puppies got their first worm treatment. And they didn't like it!
We also did a little shooting. You find the group pictures in the gallery

16.02.2012 / Tag 8

Today the puppies got their first manicure on their front paws.
And I have a new video. They are getting more and more active now:
Video Tag 8

14.02.2012 / Tag 6

Today all puppies got their names, all are already given
We wish you a Happy Valentinsday!!

13.02.2012/ Tag 5

New pictures of each puppy on their own page

11.02.2012 / Tag 3

The puppies already had their first shooting. And everyone got his own page. Names will follow soon!
Yesterday I took a little video. You can find it hier

08.02.2012 / Tag 62

In the night of 8th to 9th of February Tundra gave birth to six wonderful and healhy puppies
Three boys and three girls, all black and tan

31.01.2012 / Tag 54

25.01.2012 / Tag 48

We are ready! :-D

24.01.2012 / Tag 47

My sweety gets more and more round

15.01.2012 / Tag 38

Now everyone can see, that Tundra is pregnant

06.01.2012 / Tag 29

New pictures of the tummy. She has one more kilo since mating!

02.01.2012 / Tag 25

Great news today! We were ultrasound and Tundra is pregnant!!!! So we're expecting our puppies around 9th of Februrary 2012!!

31.12.2011 / Tag 23

If there was any security in being pregnant, when the bitch acts like one, then Tundra would be. She eats everything she finds and acts like a real pregant.
We will get security on 3rd of Janurary 2012 at the ultrasound!

11.12.2011 / Tag 3

To compare her tummy later:


Second mating


First mating of Tundra and Samur!!!
So we expect our puppies around 09th of Februrary 2012!!


Tundra is in heat

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