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Today Cuva left me to a big journey to North France. She will live with Marie, her family and two Whippets and one Dalmatian.
Cuva will work in Obedience, Agility, herding and will also be shown.
Marie, I wish you the very best with the little great girl, I am sure you will have much joy with her!!!

And I have to say THANKS. Thanks to the vet team Dr. IMMLER and HEIL, big thanks to my own nurse Caro and my 24 hour joker Maria!!! And big big thanks to my neighbours, especially Lisa!!
Without you, the litter would not have been possible!

22.12.2013/ Tag 70

Today Cirsa left me to Vienna. She will have a great life with Christine and her two mixed breed girls Tinka and Daisy. Cirsa will going to herd sheeps and also will be shown sometimes on dogshows!!
Good luck Christine with this promising little girl!

I got the first pictures from the new homes of the pups. All pics in their gallery

19.12.2013/ Tag 67

Funny Cahci alias Hera moved out. The sweetie will have a wonderful life in the Netherlands with Melanie and Jaap. I wish you the best with my little baby!!

14.12.2013/ Tag 62

Today Cumma alias Aruna moved out. She will have a great life on the east coast of Italy with Laika boy Darken.
I wish you all the best Roberta, with your little star!!

11.12.2013/ Tag 59

The puppies got their first beef tripe in one piece and they loved it!!!

And we also had a try to walk on leash

09.12.2013/ Tag 57

Three puppies left me today:
Ciegusvuohta aka Nea lives now with Martina in Austria
Cahceolmmai aka Ciel lives with Céline and Marc and Husky boy Anuk in Switzerland
Chilibihpporat aka Chili lives with Berenike and Denis with Mini Aussie Arkos in Germany
My babys, I wish you a long and wonderful life, my sweeties!!!!

02.12.2013/ Tag 50

The puppies had a professional shooting the last days. Pictures coming soon...

They also had several walks in the nature, and boy.... they are already so quick and active!

28.11.2013/ Tag 46

film of the today's walk

And this was the picture afterwards:

26.11.2013/ Tag 44

First snow.... and they loved it!!!

In the afternoon, we had a visit from our breed warden. He said, all puppies are in very good condition! Both males have their testicles

25.11.2013/ Tag 43

Today we visited my vet. All puppies got their chip!
They slept the whole cardrive (2x 45 minutes) Great bunch

In the afternoon we had our first walk in the nature

24.11.2013/ Tag 42

The puppies enjoyed their dinner - chicken necks

21.11.2013/ Tag 38

Today the puppies had their second trip with the car. In the end, the same result: All fell asleep! I love the bunch!!

19.11.2013/ Tag 36

Another Video from a trip in the garden!

Today the puppies had their first trip in the car. They were sooo cool, just fell asleep!

18.11.2013/ Tag 35

The puppies have had already two visits in our garden. You find the pictures in the gallery!
There are also new single and group pictures!

15.11.2013/ Tag 32

Finally I finished my puppy garden. Now they can play outside too:

14.11.2013/ Tag 30

I did forgot the diary the last days, so here our updates:
I feed the little pupies three times a day: In the morning they get oat flakes or semolina with sheepmilk, in the noon they get watered dry food and in the evening meat!
They are very mobile and agile. Because of the bad weather at the moment, they will go to the garden the next days. Meanwhile they can play in our indoor puppygarden!

10.11.2013/ Tag 26

Samur meets his children the first time: Video: Video

30.10.2013/ Tag 16

New single pictures of all puppies

26.10.2013/ Tag 12

Today the puppies got their first worm treatment
And here another video Video

21.10.2013/ Tag 7

New single pictures and the first group picture

19.10.2013/ Tag 5

The first video

16.10.2013/ Tag 2

All puppies have their names. And single pictures are online

15.10.2013/ Tag 1

The first pictures are online! Enjoy!

14.10.2013/ Tag 61

After the male, Tundra didn't had more contractions, so we drove to the vet.
One puppy was lying wrong, so we had to decide to do a c-section. And it was right. The vets did a really really great job.
So now we have 8 2/5 healthy puppies! And Tundra is also fine!

Thanks for everyone for crossing the fingers!!!

Here our first pic

10.08 Uhr Male Nr. 1, black and tan :-)
08.09 Uhr Female Nr. 2, black and tan :-)
07.45 Uhr Female Nr. 1, black and tan :-)

08.10.2013/ Tag 55

I think, it's getting time....

30.09.2013/ Tag 47

25.09.2013/ Tag 42

17.09.2013/ Tag 34

10.09.2013/ Tag 27

09.09.2013/ Tag 26

Tundra is pregnant! We saw 4 - 5 puppies and also their hearts beating!!!

15.08.2013/ Tag 1

Also the second mating was sucsessfull! Now we are waiting on ultrasound in about 25 days!

14.08.2013/ Tag 0

Today Tundra was mated with Samur!

And here again our pictures, for comparing later

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