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At 14th of october 2013 Tundra gave birth to 8 puppies. We had to do a c-section, because one puppy was lying the wrong way!

Samur is a muscular and athletic dog of medium sizes. No matter what activity you choose for him, you can be sure he will participate with great enthusiasm. Be it classical dog sport, bikejoring, going hiking in the mountains or participating in dog shows. Samur is sure to give his activities 100%.
Samur has thus far performed in the companion dog exam and several obedience and agility competitions (each of them on the highest level), managing to win some of them. Samur loves his training, always willing to work and quick to learn something new. He has also tried his luck and proven his skills herding sheep.
He is an international and national multi-champion. He has been part of the ring of honors multiple times, amongst others once as BOG-2 and once as BOG-3 under a Finnish judge. In the year of 2011 Samur also was the winner of the FCI group 5 (male) show winners! His stride in the ring has so far impressed several judges.
For me this dog combines all the characteristics typical of a lapinporokoira: watchful, attentive, willing to work, obedient without losing his independence and without any trace of aggression.
I have met no one who has been able to resist his special charm, even if he can be a little rapturous and wild at times.

Tundra is a large and strong dog with the typical lapinporokoira traits. She is watchful and attentive with the loyal look described in the breed standards. She has proven to be a great mother, instinctively handling her first two litters. She is a devoted mother, without hovering over her children like a broody hen and, in my opinion, does a great job preparing her litter for life.
So far Tundra has passed the following exams: companion dog, obedience (beginner) as well as agility (class 1). She likes working and is always motivated to participate.
But it is in the show-ring where Tundra shows her true talent: world champion 2009, European champion 2010, international champion and national multi-champion. She captivates the judges with her appearance and stride. In everyday life Tundra is a very pleasant dog to have around, remaining calm in all situations. She is a typical companion dog that can be well integrated into everyday life and be taken anywhere.
Her mother instincts don’t leave her when the puppies have been handed off to new families. She gets enormously excited every time one of her children comes to visit, instantly re-integrating it into the pack. Tundra is the leader of my pack, a position she asserts every day anew with confidence and calmness.

I have decided on a repetition of my B-litter, on the basis of 7 reasons: up until this point I have not managed to find another dog that matched Tundra as well in health, pedigree, working ethic and looks, as Samur does. Have a look at my B-litter, to see the remaining 6 reasons. All dogs have developed exceedingly well. The six puppies have grown to be beautiful dogs, with great personalities and appearances. The following saying seems quite fitting: "Why seek far afield when the good is close by?"

I was personally able to have a look at all five dogs (Gry’s development I witnessed firsthand) as youths and adults and can only confirm all the descriptions and pictures of them. They show great results during work as well as in shows. Rokka from Finland especially excels in the show-ring, having won BOB once and SERT twice so far in the junior class. But also Bliss and Bahkka regularly participate in shows and have junior champion titles to show for themselves. Malin definitely got her temper and impressive work ethic from her father Samur.

If you are interessted in this or any future litter, feel free to contact me! It's very important to me, to get known to the new interessted people, and also the later contact!

Here you find the information about purchase and growing up in my Kennel

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