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11.12.2017This year I forgot the diary. All puppies were given when they were born! I preferd to stay in touch with the puppy owners via Whatts App
Sorry folks
29.10.2017/ Day 25They are growing growing growing
Already eating normal food, playing and running around

New pics
10.10.2017/ Day 6New pictures of the pups

09.10.2017/ Day 5Finally pics in our gallery
Each pup has its pwn page
08.10.2017/ Day 4We proudly introduce all our puppies with their names
04.10.2017/ Day 62Ruska gave born to 3/3 black and tan puppies
24.09.2017/ Day 52
14.09.2017/ Day 42

30.08.2017/ Day 27The ultrasonic showed us little bubbles
We could also see the little hearts pounding

04.08.2017Second mating
03.08.2017 First Mating
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